Experience with Us

Bali is the ultimate holiday island that continues to win awards as one of the world’s favourite travel destinations. When you choose to stay at Komea Villas, we will welcome you with warm hospitality that is second to none. All your needs will be taken care of in a timely manner with a friendly smile. We also provide an array of in-villa experiences to enhance your time with us.

Spa Experience

At Komea Villas, we encourage you to unwind and focus on your own well-being. Forget about the pressures of daily life back home with a choice of spa treatments inspired by Bali’s healing heritage.

Balinese Massage Treatment

Take delight in a relaxing one-hour session of head to toe pampering with a traditional Balinese massage performed in the comfort of your private villa. Surrender to the healing hands of our therapist who is trained in the art of touch to soothe tired muscles and restore depleted energy levels.

Aromatherapy Ritual

This exotic 90-minute ritual uses blended essential oils distilled from healing botanicals to heighten your overall massage experience. It is performed in a darkened room with soft music and an infuser emitting subtle fragrances to calm your mind and promote a feeling of deep-sated relaxation.

Sensory Rejuvenation

For the ultimate in spa indulgence, this replenishing two-hour package performed in the privacy of your villa will address the effects of living in today’s fast-paced world. It begins with a renewing Balinese massage followed by a traditional body scrub made from natural ingredients to eliminate impurities. A leisurely soak in a flower bath will then enliven your senses along with a serve freshly brewed ginger tea.

Romantic Experience

A holiday for two on the island of Bali is the perfect opportunity to reconnect and celebrate the spirit of love. At Komea Villas, our candlelight dinner promises to be a romantic experience you’ll never forget.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Savour an exclusive dinner for two in an intimate setting surrounded by flickering candles with a heart of flower petals decorating the swimming pool. A private butler will serve a three-course menu of culinary excellence that is tailored to your personal taste preferences during this magical evening under the stars.

*Wine pairing is optional.

BBQ Experience

Every holiday needs a good BBQ, especially one where you can relax and let somebody else handle all the details. At Komea Villas, we offer a choice of two unique dinner experiences where delicious food is cooked before your very eyes.

Balinese BBQ Dinner

Enjoy a casual BBQ dinner prepared at a live cooking station as you unwind in the privacy of your own villa. This is the perfect option if you are feeling mellow and just can’t be bothered going out for the evening. Our set Balinese menu includes local specialties such as pork ribs, minced seafood satays and much more served with spicy condiments.

Mixed BBQ Dinner

Take pleasure in having food cooked and served in the privacy of your own villa with our Mixed BBQ Dinner. We will satisfy your appetite with a set menu of full flavoured dishes including Caesar salad, prawn skewers, succulent satays, grilled seafood and a whole lot more.